Loyalty Marketing benefit programs, in one form or another, have existed for years in most countries. Loyalty Marketing is a promise between the consumer and the store to provide rewards for continued patronage. As mobile technology has evolved, we have witnessed the evolution of Loyalty, as well.


In the real world, loyalty marketing is a promise between the supplier (store) and the consumer.
“If the customer shows their loyalty, the store will provide a reward”

Evolution of

Loyalty programs take many forms, and provide benefits in a variety of ways.
Older loyalty programs are being left behind as mobile technology evolves and loyalty moves to customers’ smartphones.


Our partner, 12cm, has leveraged its creative technology solution, the innovative “echoss Stamp,” and formed distribution partnerships with companies in 22 countries. The echoss Stamp is easy to use for customers, and stores can enjoy an excellent loyalty system without the burden of expensive infrastructure. 12cm provide a variety of services that utilize the echoss Stamp and hold strong relationships with a number of partner companies.

Global Stamp Loyalty Alliance

J2Dream is collaborating with 12cm on development (both technical and business) to supply a number of countries with loyalty services that utilize the echoss Stamp. At the same time, we are working with 12cm to form a loyalty network with existing echoss Stamp partner companies.